Registration & Exam Fees

Registering for the NPPE is done through each provincial/territorial regulator.

For more information regarding registration in your jurisdiction, contact your provincial/territorial regulator. Please refer to the Contact Info page.

Registration opens once the registration deadline for the previous session has passed.

The NPPE exam is offered five times per year. 

Since April 2020, the NPPE has shifted from being administered mostly in test centres to 100% remote proctoring.

Remote proctoring will be the preferred delivery method for the exam going forward, with test centres as an option for exceptional cases.

Virtually proctored applicants will be contacted by Meazure Learning through email regarding booking a time that will accommodate their time zone.

All candidates will receive an email from Meazure Learning confirming their booking and outlines the date and time that they will be taking the NPPE.

It is important to check your junk email folder to ensure that the email is not accidentally filed there. Should you not receive an email with this confirmation information at least three weeks prior to the examination date, you should contact Meazure Learning immediately and request that an exam granted email be resent to you. 

It is very important that candidates choose their time zone carefully, as booking yourself in an incorrect time zone can lead to your exam time being missed (it is listed in a 24-hour clock format).

Also, if your location changes at the last minute, you will need to update this information with Meazure Learning prior to your exam day and change your time zone if necessary. Booking an incorrect time zone and missing your scheduled exam time will result in a second exam fee charge if you are rebooked.

Examination fees are charged by each participating regulator. Contact your provincial/territorial regulator, or visit the regulator website, to find out more information on NPPE pricing in your jurisdiction.

Some regulators may allow a maximum number of attempts at the exam before withdrawing an application, or there may be a time limit on completing the exam. Please check with your regulator to confirm their policies on this.

Find Your Regulator

Contact your provincial or territorial regulator to register for the NPPE or for more detailed information.