Who Takes the Exam?


An application for professional membership to your provincial/territorial regulator might be required before you are allowed to take the NPPE. Contact your  provincial/territorial regulator, or visit the regulator website, to find out more information on registration requirement.

All professional membership applicants (licensee, professional licensee, professional engineer, or professional geoscientist) must pass the NPPE before they can be licensed to practice in their jurisdiction. However, you do not need to have passed the exam before starting your professional membership application.

The NPPE can only be taken at the request of an applicant with the consent of a partner regulator for the purpose of meeting a requirement for entry to practice. It cannot be taken by a professional for proving continuing professional development or as a re-certification requested by an employer.

Proper Use of Titles

To protect the public, only permit holders and people in certain member categories have the right to use certain titles and designations. These are called reserved titles and reserved designations. 

Even if the NPPE is the last requirement to obtaining your professional licence, there are restrictions on the use of titles and designations until you receive your professional licence. It is recommended that you check with your provincial/territorial engineering or geoscience regulator if you have questions regarding the proper use of titles.

Candidate Guide

Candidates are strongly encouraged to download and read the NPPE Candidate Guide before registering for the exam. It contains more detailed information than is presented here and is optimized for printing.

Find Your Regulator

Contact your provincial or territorial regulator to register for the NPPE or for more detailed information.