NPPE Practice Tests

The NPPE program is pleased to offer online practice tests for engineering, geoscience, and engineering technologist applicants preparing for the National Professional Practice Examination. You will be able to purchase the practice test, which will grant you several uses.

To gain access, please go to the following website:

You will have to sign up for your own account on the Practice Test Page if you have not done so already.

Online Practice Tests Available

The NPPE practice tests help candidates to become familiar with the types of questions that will be asked on the actual NPPE. 

In addition to the practice tests, you will also have access to an examination tutorial to gain familiarity to the examination platform. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Testing Platform

The practice tests are administered using the same computer-based testing platform as the actual NPPE, ensuring that the testing interface and features are identical to the actual NPPE.

This helps familiarize candidates with the look and feel of the NPPE to help reduce test anxiety. The practice test questions were previously administered questions that appeared on past NPPE exams and are meant to give candidates an approximation of the types of questions that are tested in different blueprint areas. The difficulty of the practice test questions are NOT identical to those that appear on the actual NPPE examination and passing the NPPE practice test is NOT a guarantee that a candidate will pass the NPPE exam.

All candidates who take the NPPE practice tests receive a detailed diagnostic report showing the blueprint areas of strengths and weaknesses as well as a question-by-question level breakdown of which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly with rationales as to why the correct answer to each question is correct.