Specific Testing Needs

Specific testing needs can be accommodated for those candidates who are taking the NPPE.

You MUST submit the testing accommodation request and supporting information to your regulator before the registration deadline. If received after the registration deadline, your exam will be rescheduled to the next session.

Accommodations that Maybe Available for the NPPE:
  • Extended testing time
  • Additional breaks
  • Permission to sit/stand during testing
  • Reduced-distraction testing rooms (for test centres only)
  • Larger font (available to all candidates in the exam interface)
  • Diabetic monitor or food/drink needed during exam for medical reasons
Procedures to Apply for Testing Accommodations

To submit a request for testing accommodations, contact your provincial/territorial regulator when registering for the exam. Supporting documentation from a health care or education specialist (written within the last three years) is required outlining:

  • Details of the disability
  • Details explaining why testing accommodations are needed for a computer-based exam based on the disability
  • What type of accommodations are required due to the disability (e.g., one hour of extra time is required due to a visual impairment)

Candidates are automatically approved to receive the same accommodations they were approved to receive on their last administration. They do not need to resubmit a request for accommodations. 

Find Your Regulator

Contact your provincial or territorial regulator to register for the NPPE or for more detailed information.