Remote Proctored Exam

Virtual proctoring is sometimes referred to as “remote,” “virtual,” or “online proctoring” and in the context of the NPPE, these are all referring to the same process of a candidate taking the exam in their home and being monitored by a proctor through the internet via webcam, audio, etc.

As the NPPE is a computer-based exam that requires specific hardware, software, internet and testing-room requirements, issues can occur during the exam session. Should any issues occur on the day a candidate takes the NPPE, any and all issues must be reported and the issues resolved that same day. For example, if a candidate experiences some intermittent connection issues on exam day, and as a result the candidate feels that the interruptions were negatively impacting their performance on the exam and should receive extra time to finish the exam, the candidate must escalate this concern to the proctor monitoring the candidate’s exam session. In this way issues can be resolved while the candidate is taking the exam (e.g., adding additional time) or shortly after the candidate’s exam session is complete on the same day (e.g., a technical issue requires a re-booking to another day/time during the NPPE exam session). After the examination session is complete there are limited options to resolve an issue that occurred during that session, as a result only issues that fall into the follow categories may be reported and will be investigated by NPPE staff: 1) Reporting incidence of cheating or other exam security issues, 2) Emergency situations that occurred during the exam session that could not be reported during the exam session week (e.g., medical emergency that occurs on exam day), 3) Other exceptional circumstances that may have impacted a candidate’s performance on the exam and which the candidate was unable to report during exam day. In that last case, candidates should explain why the issues could not be reported on exam day.

The booking confirmation email from Meazure Learning explains the virtual exam process and the steps candidates should take on exam day.

It is important to run all the computer checks, and to ensure that all the computer requirements are met, including having a webcam (anything other than a webcam, such as a cellphone, is unacceptable). The exam program cannot be downloaded until the day of your exam, so there is no way to check if it will work prior to exam day. There is a short video tutorial that may be helpful; you can watch through the Meazure Learning FAQ page here. It is best to take the exam in your home because you are more in control of the security and administrative privileges on home internet networks and home computers. If you take the exam using a work computer or using your work network, you are likely to encounter issues (e.g., firewalls, restrictions on installing the necessary software to take the exam, etc.) and if you are rescheduled because of that, it will result in an additional exam fee charge. 

Leaning out of the camera view or reading questions out loud while the NPPE exam is in progress are not permitted due to security concerns. After being warned by the remote proctor, if the behaviour continues, your exam session could be terminated. In addition, virtual machine software (e.g., VPN) is not permitted on the computer you use to take the NPPE exam, you will not be able to take your exam if virtual machines are detected. More information on what is permitted and not permitted when taking the NPPE can be found here.

It is also very important to note that you will have a 15-minute window to log on to the exam program or the exam will be cancelled.

Click the link only once; it may take up to 30 minutes to connect to the virtual proctor once you log on. If you do not connect right away, do NOT log off and log back or exit out of the browser as this will be viewed by the virtual proctor as the exam session being cancelled. Think of this process as boarding a plane and then sitting and waiting for the plane to take off. Just as you would not get off the plane, DO NOT log out of your connection to the exam program, just wait for the proctor to connect. As long as your initial connection is still open, it is completely fine if this connection time bypasses your exam start time. 

If technical issues occur when trying to connect to your exam or during your exam, you must contact Meazure Learning as soon as possible.

The contact information will be in your booking confirmation email. It is best to call for an immediate response.

If there are technical issues out of your control that prevent you from taking your exam, a rebooking option may be available to you, depending on availability. This would be a last resort option if all other appropriate steps were taken.

More Info & Exam Day Support

You are allowed one optional comfort break during the exam. The exam timer will NOT stop during this break. This comfort break will be noted by the virtual proctor. If you require multiple comfort breaks due to a medical issue, please let your regulator know when you register for the exam, and it will be noted as a testing accommodation.

Once you have completed the NPPE on exam day, you will be prompted to complete a short survey where you will be able to provide feedback on your exam experience.

For Online Proctoring Support

Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Candidate Agreement

All candidates must digitally sign a candidate agreement before obtaining access to take the NPPE on exam day. The candidate agreement details the rules for taking the exam, including keeping all exam content confidential and complying with security policies (e.g., no cheating of any kind). It is important that all candidates read and fully comply with the candidate agreement. You can review the Candidate Agreement here

Other Requirements

Photo Requirement

You MUST have government-issued photo identification with signature (e.g. driver’s licence, passport, or work visa) to present to the proctor on examination day. Without proper identification, you will not be granted access to your exam.

Room Requirement

Your physical workspace must be completely cleared except for any previously approved items. In addition, you will need a web camera available that you can use to pan the examination room/environment.

You are only allowed to have 1 monitor running during the exam. If you have more than one monitor being used, please disconnect the other monitor and ensure it is turned around so that the screen is not facing you upon connection to the proctor.

Water/juice/coffee/drink can be brought in the room in a spill-proof container with no labels.

Please note that electronic devices will NOT be allowed anywhere near you in the examination room/environment during the exam unless previously approved for testing accommodation. However, have your cell phone with you in the exam room. This must be on silent mode and can ONLY be accessed if needing to connect with ProctorU support by phone (e.g., your connection to the platform has gone down).

Find Your Regulator

Contact your provincial or territorial regulator to register for the NPPE or for more detailed information.