Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the NPPE?

You can apply for the NPPE through your regulator. You can find links to every provincial and territorial regulator here

Am I eligible to take the NPPE?

To be eligible to take the NPPE, an application for professional membership to your provincial/territorial regulator might be required. Please check with your regulator to confirm the eligibility requirements.

Why do I need to take the NPPE?

It is one of the requirements for becoming a licensed engineering or geoscientist professional in most Canadian jurisdictions.

When do I need to take the NPPE?

You may choose to take the exam once you have submitted an application for Professional Membership or when you have approval from your regulator to do so. The exam is available five times a year. 

How do I study for the NPPE? Can I get copies of old exams?

The NPPE Study Materials page outlines the suggested resources to use to study for the NPPE. Textbooks can be purchased directly from the book publishers or through Amazon Canada and may be available at a library or used bookstore. Several online practice exams are available for separate purchase as well. The NPPE textbooks cannot be purchased through any regulator.

Do you offer training or study groups for the NPPE?

The NPPE program does not offer classes or workshops to prepare for the NPPE and does not endorse any preparation services offered through external or private organizations.

I have old material; can I use that for the current exam?

The exams are based on the current resources posted on our website. Using old material is at your own discretion.

Can I apply after the deadline?

No, exam applications will not be accepted after the deadline for any reason.

Can I defer my exam or change the site location of the exam?

You can defer, cancel, or change the site of the exam any time before the exam’s deadline.

I require accommodations for the exam for medical reasons. How can this be arranged?

Please refer to the Testing Accommodations information page.

Can I take the exam outside of Canada?

With remote testing, the exam can be taken anywhere in the world, as long as the computer and internet requirements are met. You can check these requirements prior to registering for the exam.

What mark is required to pass the NPPE?

An equated exam score of 65 is required to pass the NPPE.

I understand it is after the deadline, but I will not be able to make the exam that I’m scheduled for. Can I still change my exam date?

If you would like to change your exam date within the exam session (i.e., changing from Monday to Wednesday), then you can contact Meazure Learning to make this change. Deferrals are allowed until the booking window has closed, but will only be allowed under specific circumstances after that date. You will need to contact your regulator regarding a deferral.

What is the format of the exam? How long do I have to write it?

The exam is 100 multiple-choice questions, with an additional 10 experimental questions that are not scored. Two-and-a-half hours are given to take the exam.

When do we get the results of the exam?

Results for the NPPE are not available immediately after completing the exam because analyses need to be conducted on the results. Processing time for final marks to be assessed as a pass or fail is approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the exam dates. Exam results will be received prior to the registration deadline for the next NPPE administration. Results are made available to applicants via your regulator.

How many times can I attempt the NPPE?

Most regulators have policies limiting the number of attempts of the NPPE within a specified timeframe. Please confirm with your regulator.