It is up to the applicant to determine what resources are best to prepare for the exam as the exam tests to the blueprint and not to any specific textbook or study material.  Most applicants find using one of the law textbooks and one of the professional practice and ethics textbooks helpful.


Suggested textbooks that may help candidates prepare for the NPPE are:

Law for Professional Practice
  • Law for Professional Engineers: Canadian and Global Insights, Fifth Edition, 2019 by Donald L. Marston
  • Practical Law of Architecture, Engineering, and Geoscience, Second or Third Canadian Edition, 2011/2015 by Brian M. Samuels and Doug R. Sanders
Principles of Professional Practice and Ethics
  • A Practical Guide to Ethics and Professional Practice for Engineers and Geoscientists, First Edition, 2022 by Brian M. Samuels and Doug R. Sanders
  • Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice & and Ethics, Fifth or Sixth Edition, 2014/2018 by Gordon C. Andrews, Patricia Shaw, John McPhee

These textbooks can be purchased directly from the publishers and through physical or online book retailers.

Free Study Materials

Below are free study materials that can be used to help prepare for the examination:

Find Your Regulator

Contact your provincial or territorial regulator to register for the NPPE or for more detailed information.