Invalidating or Cancelling Exam Results

The following situations may prompt the consideration of invalidating or cancelling exam results even though you may have had no responsibility for the event in question:
  • Unanticipated cancellation or interruption of testing or deviation from required testing procedures due to a weather event or other external cause
  • Possible advance access to exam content by one or more candidates
  • Other disruptions or compromises to the normal testing process

If it is determined that corrective action is warranted in one of these situations, you may be offered the option to either retest at no additional fee or to receive a full or partial refund of your registration fee provided that you did not cause and were not involved in the conduct that required corrective action. These remedies are your exclusive remedies for such disruptions in testing and potential compromises. If you choose to retest, you must retake the entire exam to produce valid exam results. If you are found to have caused or been involved in the conduct that required corrective action, the matter may be treated as an exam irregularity and all available remedies may be pursued.

Fraud, deceit, dishonesty, unprofessional behaviour, and other irregular behaviour in connection with taking the NPPE are strictly prohibited.

Irregular behaviour includes but is not limited to the following: failing to work independently; not following the proctor’s instructions; impersonating another individual or permitting such impersonation (surrogate testing); possessing prohibited items; communicating with other examinees or any outside parties by way of cell phone, personal computer, the internet, or any other means during an exam; disrupting other examinees; creating safety concerns; and possessing, reproducing, or disclosing nonpublic exam questions, answers, or other information regarding the content of the exam before, during, or after the exam administration. 

Evidence of an exam irregularity may be based on your performance on the exam, a report from an administrator or a third party, or other information.

The proctor is authorized to take appropriate action to investigate, stop, or correct any observed or suspected irregular behaviour. You must cooperate fully in any investigation of a suspected irregularity. NPPE program reserves the right to pursue all available remedies for exam irregularities, including cancelling scores and pursuing administrative, civil, and/or criminal remedies. If you are involved in an exam irregularity, the following may occur: invalidation of results, notification to your provincial/territorial regulator, forfeiture of exam fees, and restrictions on future testing. Some violations may incur additional consequences, to be pursued at the discretion of your jurisdiction.

Collusion Detection

Collusion detection analysis is performed after each exam administration to statistically identify pairs of candidates who may have copied answers.

Candidates who are flagged as potentially having colluded will have their examination results withheld pending an investigation into the matter.

Applicants and professional members are obligated to report any test security issues they are aware of, whether they occurred before, during, or after the exam. Incidents must be reported to your regulator..

Collusion Detection