The NPPE is a criterion-referenced examination which conforms to all standards for psychometrically defensible high stakes testing as outlined in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, & National Council on Measurement in Education (Eds.), (2014)).   

Test scores from a criterion-referenced test demonstrate examinees’ level of knowledge in the testing area as reflected by the blueprint of the exam. 

The cut score on the NPPE is a scaled score of 65, which was determined using one of the best practice standard-setting approaches (the modified-Angoff method) where Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and volunteer committee members from across Canada participate in setting the minimum standard required (i.e., minimum level of knowledge) for candidates to be able to demonstrate on the exam in order to pass.

  The passing score is a scale score of 65, which is NOT equivalent to a percent score of 65 (i.e., correctly answer 65% of the questions).

It is due to the statistical equating method we implemented for scoring, which ensures variations in exam difficulty from each session is taken into account to ensure fairness to all applicants taking the NPPE in different sessions. Therefore, reverse calculations based on percentage scores obtained from the mastery report to the NPPE-scaled score is not possible.

Candidates should come to the NPPE ready to demonstrate their knowledge on all of the blueprint areas. The applicant is only advised of a pass or fail by their regulator; if you passed the exam, you will NOT receive detailed score information.

Exam Results Communication

Results of the NPPE are communicated to candidates via their provincial/territorial regulator. Meazure Learning does NOT communicate results to NPPE candidates.