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National Professional Practice Examination


The National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) confirms knowledge of professionalism, law, and ethics. Fourteen engineering and geoscience self-regulatory organizations in Canada currently use the NPPE as one of their requirements for licensure. The NPPE follows all relevant standards detailed in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing to ensure that the exam program is valid, reliable, and fair (psychometrically defensible).

The exam is computer-based and is administered through Meazure Learning, which is a merged partnership between Yardstick, a Canadian computer-based testing vendor, and ProctorU, an online remote proctoring service.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to read the available preparatory material regarding the NPPE in order to come prepared to their exam sitting.

All information required for candidates to understand and prepare for the NPPE is available on this website and the NPPE candidate guide. This includes the format and time limit of the NPPE, registration deadlines, booking process, technical and equipment requirements to take the NPPE, security procedures, results reporting, etc. Candidates that do not prepare adequately to take the NPPE and experience issues on exam day may not be rebooked or deferred to an upcoming session and will have their results stand as an attempt of the exam. As such it is critical that all candidates that take the NPPE spend the required time in advance to know what to expect and come prepared to their exam session.

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