Testing System Requirement for Remote Proctoring

Starting with the April 2023 NPPE administration, Meazure Learning is implementing the Guardian Secure Browser for the administration of the NPPE exam. More information regarding the Guardian Secure Browser can be found here.

Google Chrome is the required browser. To install the Guardian Secure Browser compatible with your operating system, click the appropriate link below. If you need help identifying which Apple Mac download to use, please read the following support article.

Windows Download

Mac (Intel) Download

Mac (M1) Download

It is MANDATORY that all candidates who take the NPPE test via remote proctoring test their exam day computer PRIOR to the examination date to ensure that all requirements are met.

If a candidate is unable to access their examination due to a failure to complete the computer readiness check prior to the exam, they will forfeit their booking.

To test your computer’s capability, please log into your account and conduct a Computer Readiness Check. To ensure that you minimize stress on the examination date, this should be done at least 24 hours PRIOR to exam day.  You can test your system once you log into your account:
  • To test your computer’s capability, please conduct a check on the terminal you will be using on exam day
  • You can check the equipment requirements here
  • Before connecting to a live proctor, ensure that your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled by following this help link: Disable pop-ups in your browsers

It is best to take the exam in your home because you are more in control of the security and administrative privileges on home internet networks and home computers. If you take the exam using a work computer or using your work network, you are likely to encounter issues (e.g., firewalls, restrictions on installing the necessary software to take the exam, etc.) and if you are rescheduled because of that, it will result in an additional exam fee charge.  

In addition, a hardwired connection is preferred, a wireless connection can be used, but can sometimes be unstable with an increased risk of disconnection during the exam. If you choose to use wireless, we recommend a speed of at least 10 Mbps. You may want to test your internet speed before the module. You can do so by using one of the following tests. Hot spotting and tethering are NOT stable internet connections and therefore NOT permitted to take the exam. On exam day, please reduce the number of applications and users on your bandwidth connection to help ensure a stable high speed Internet connection.

You will need a web camera available that you can use to pan the examination room/environment (you will have to move this around). And you are only allowed to have 1 monitor running during the exam. If you have more than one monitor being used, please disconnect the other monitor and ensure that it is turned around so that the screen is not facing you upon connection to the proctor.

Find Your Regulator

Contact your provincial or territorial regulator to register for the NPPE or for more detailed information.